Power Lunch Update: Contest Stats And More

Here's today's video update from "Power Lunch." It has the current standings on contestants and stocks, as well as an update on "Trading With The Stars." The trvia questions are there as well. I've included the text for all, as well as the video clip.

The video question is worth $2,000 Bonus Bucks:The FDA-approved drug Provenge is used to fight what disease? The news is worth $1,000 Bonus Bucks: How many new stores did Home Depot open in the U.S. in 2006?

Go here, the contest main page, and click on the Bonus Bucks button on the left hand navigation to give your answers. Good luck!

Contest registrations to date: 476,694

Non-celeb standings:
Name Portfolio Value
1. Deborah Taft $2,573,876.30
2. Jason Kaplan 2,382,543.28
3. Chad Mazeika, 2,287,317.77
4. Chris Humphrey 2,240,104.29
5. Ken Guillory 2,127,758.71

Most Actives as of the close on 3/29:
Phillips Van Heusen
Dollar General
Crystallex International
Rio Narcea Gold Mines
Solectron Corp
Oilsands Quest

Widely Helds as of the close on 3/29:
Crystallex International

"Trading With The Stars":
1. Stephen Collins: $1,084567.58 up $9,259.22 + 0.86% and he made 13 buys and 6 sells on Thursday and added $3,000 in bonus bucks.
2. Jonathan Tucker: $1,073,045 up $4,400 +0.41%
3. Chris Moneymaker: $1,057,327.47 -$4,839.57 -0.46%
4. Judy Gold: $1,017,480.00 down $360 - 0.04%
No Transactions Thursday
5. James Cromwell: $1,012,361.51 up $694.50 + 0.07%
No transactions Thursday
Added $3,000 in bonus bucks
6. Chris Gardner: $1,005,480.00 up $840 + 0.08%
No transactions Thursday
7. Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,000,763 up $473 + 0.05%
No Transactions Thursday
8.Ernie Hudson: $999,216.55 down $20,020 - 1.96%
9. Johnny Bench: $985,910.54 down $2,917.32 -0.30%
No Transactions Thursday
10. Willie Garson: $976,085.06 up $4,665.36 +0.48% made several sell and buys.

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