It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Ahold: "This is worst-of-breed company. It's trying to come back from a series of tragic errors. I would take my profits here." Cramer would roll any profits from a sale into SuperValue or Safeway.

ValueClick: "I saw that DoubleClick is going to for $2 billion, and I said to myself, 'Self, ValueClick is worth $35 – it's at $26 right now – if DoubleClick is worth $2 billion … Let's pull the trigger on ValueClick.' "

Blockbuster: Now that Atioco is gone, Cramer's a seller of Blockbuster.

Acadia Pharma: "We screwed up on this, and I was very worried about it, and now it is making a gigantic comeback because of the schizophrenia drug …take the gain! Do not be greedy!" Sell! Sell! Sell!

American Capital: "I have been very, very cynical about this company for a long time ... but they have done a very good job over time … ACAS is a good deal with an 8% yield."

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions: "We have liked this stock for a long time … MDRX is a win. I'm reiterating buy right here."

At this point, Cramer got the buzzer, but just refused to end the Lightning Round. So he "took calls" from Jim in Summit, James in New Jersey, and Jimmy from the Garden State. Do those "callers" sound familiar? They should -- they're all different versions of Cramer's complicated self. Skeedaddy lives in Summit, N.J. Here are the "calls" he made:

United Technologies: "I like United Technologies very much. I want to pull the trigger."

Goodyear Tire Rubber : "Goodyear Tire is fabulous here at $31 … I want to keep buying that stock."

New York Stock Exchange: "Wow, I own that for my charitable trust. The [Euronext] deal closes April 4..."

Jim's charitable trust owns United Technologies and New York Stock Exchange.