Mad Mail

Dear Jim:Dell is looking very weak both technically and fundamentally. Why is Goldman Sachs telling people to buy on this dip? It doesn’t seem right. --Matt

Cramer says: "Matt, I read [Goldman Sachs analyst] Laura Conigliaro's piece. I think she's wrong. I think that Dell's totally dead money. She's thinking it can be invigorated and fixed. You know what? I say forget about it. If you want to own a PC company, own Hewlett-Packard."


Dear Jim: Big stuttering, stall-out BOOYAH! I went in for CarMax two days before the two-for-one split banking. I did my homework, watched the trends and took some advice. Now it's fallen over 10% on reports. I need your help buddy. --Justin

Cramer says: " … It looks like the company's permanent margins may actually be coming down. I found it worrisome. I wish that I had said to be in any of the other companies in that business other than CarMax. It just was not a good quarter. I think you have to be in AutoNation if you want to be in that business."


Dear Jim: What's with AAR Corp.? You said to pick some up a few weeks ago, and it has gone DOWN! What gives? --Helene

AAR: "There's a lot of turmoil in the aerospace sector. I think it's a buy. AIR, AAR, I have liked for years, and I'm not backing away from it at all."


Dear Jim: I watched your show last night on GOL. I bought some GOL last August, hoping to cash in on the [Brazil, Russia, India, China] economic miracle. As time went on, the stock started to disappoint, and I soon felt like I was too late to take advantage of BRIC, so I sold my position. Where did I go wrong? Was there something that I missed earlier in the year that should have encouraged me to stick with GOL? Or was it just bad luck on my part? --Michael

"The reason why GOL [Linhas Areas Inteligentes] kept going down was that people thought that Varig would be reinvented and become a more formidable competitor to GOL. Well, Varig folded, GOL bought it, and now all is well for GOL. I wish you'd get back in it. I think it goes from $30 to $40."

Jim's charitable trust owns Hewlett-Packard.