Mad Mail

Booyah Jim!: I appreciate your putting making money ahead of making friends. So is it time to put your school buddy Steve Ballmer’s picture on the “Wall of Shame”? Not unlike Big Pharma, it seems Microsoft is a creativity-challenged behemoth. The company has lots of smart people - it is poor management that fails to tap their talents. What’s your opinion? --Dov

Cramer says: "Steve Ballmer and I did go to college together ... I think the world of him ... I think it's a challenging situation." The PC sector is doing badly across the board, he says, and he's against slamming Microsoft, in particular.

Booyah Jim!: As a high school history and economics teacher, I appreciate the investing advice, but also love your historical and literary allusions. My question is about Florida Rock. Since the recent acquisition announcement by Vulcan Materials, the stock has bumped up. Is this a top for FRK? --Cheryl

Cramer says: It's going to trade with Vulcan Materials, and Vulcan is a Cramer favorite. "I think Vulcan Materials is going to keep going higher."