Celebs Raise Stakes As Money Flows In

Our celeb stock players seem to be getting the hang of "making money." All but two of them saw gains Monday (even Johnny Bench!). Ernie Hudson had the biggest "up" percentage--gaining 1.01% or just a little over $10k. Only Chris Gardner, down a minisucle 0.01% or $80.00 and Wille Garson, down a bigger .058% or $5,600, came out on the losing end. Other than that, the stars are still holding the same spots they did on Friday. Take a look.

#1 Stephen Collins: $1,095,755.76 up $3,324.40 +0.30%
Sold 1,050 Shares of Emergency Medical Services Corp. (EMS)
Bought 350 Shares of American Real Estate Partners. (ACP)
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#2 Jonathan Tucker: $1,079,425.00 up $6,065.00 +0.57%
Sold 500 Shares of Companhia Vale Do Rio Doce .(RIO)
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
All of Jonathan's holdings were up except for Motorola.

#3 Chris Moneymaker: $1,064,053.17 up $3,885.82 +0.37%, becoming active again
Sold 3,500 Shares of Marvel. (MVL)
Sold 1,893 Shares of Apple.(AAPL)
Sold 10,000 Shares of Arbitron. (ARB)
Sold 16,000 Shares of Telvent Git S.A. (TLVT)
Bought 74,827 Shares of Gigamedia (GIGM) and he is currently All-In on this stock.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#4 Judy Gold: $1,021,050.00 up $6,430.00 +0.63%
No Transactions Monday.
All of Judy's holdings were up except for ConocoPhillips (COP). Her gains were led by Silver Standard Resources (SSRI) which was up 2.84% today gaining her $12,600 since she bought it on March 15th.

#5 James Cromwell: $1,014,635.51 up $2,037.00 +0.20%
No transactions Monday.

#6 Chris Gardner: $1,004,880.00 down $80.00 -0.01%
Bought 1,000 Shares of Amgen. (AMGN)

#7 Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,000,815.00 up $729.00 +0.07%
No transactions Monday.

#8 Ernie Hudson: $996,248.95 up $10,007.04 +1.01%
No transactions Monday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Ernie's $10,000+ gain is derived from his buy of AngioDynamics (ANGO) purchased on Friday at $16.89 which he still holds today at $17.01 netting him $7,000 + his bonus bucks.

#9 Johnny Bench: $982,452.22 up $5,100.00 +0.52%
Bought 5,000 Shares of Paychex Inc. (PAYX).
Johnny's buy of UnitedHealth (UNH) on Friday is responsible for most of his gain up 1.43% Monday.

#10 Willie Garson: $960,072.09 down $5,622.27 -0.58%
Sold 95,803 Shares of Ligand Pharmaceuticals (LGND) at a loss of $8,622.27.
Bought 923,146 Shares of Revlon (REV), Willie is currently all-in on Revlon.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

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