Moment of Clarity: Billions in the Boardroom


Trump. Very few names define a corporate empire. He is the master of the boardroom and the embodiment of the American dream. From real estate tycoon to Hollywood megastar, Donald trump is a global powerhouse and a staple of success.

Trump told Donny: "I never had the flu and I had the flu. I was supposed to go to a closing and I was sick. And you know what I said? I said, ''I can't." The last thing I wanted to think about was a deal because when you don't feel good you don't want to think about deals. But when you don't feel good, who cares. It doesn't make any difference and I decided I just wasn't going to go. And they sold it to somebody else. I got very lucky. It turned out to be, by the way, for somebody else, it turned out to be a catastrophe. Two days before that I was the most psyched guy, calling people for references and everything else. So, sometimes, you get lucky. I got very lucky.

What's the lesson here? As Donny said, "Sometimes things happen for a reason. When they are happening out of the blue - pay attention. Maybe there is a signal out there."

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