Re-cap For Leaderboard, Most Active And More

Hey folks. Here's our recap for the today with leaderbaord, most active stocks and our trivia questions (Trading With Stars Update in video). The video is provided by the crew at "Power Lunch." The video trivia question is worth $2,000 Bonus Bucks: Industrial & Commercial Bank of China posted a jump of how much in 2006 profits? And the news question is worth $1,000 Bonus Bucks: The Reserve Bank of Australia decided to hold interest rates at what percent?
Go here to find the contest home page. Then click on the Bonus Bucks link on the left hand navigation to go to the answer page to select your responses. Good luck!

Contest registrations to date: 525,016.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Deborah Taft $2,582,876.30
2. Chad Mazeika 2,359,154.87
3. Chris Humphrey 2,329,387.79
4. Ken Guillory 2,298,438.33
5. Parker Robinson 2,201,007.75

Most Actives as of the close on 4/3:
Crystallex International
Oilsands Quest
Fremont General
Technical Olympics USA
Rio Narcea Gold Mines

Widely Helds as of the close on 4/3:
CMGI: with 4,285,477,090 shares held (Held shares of CMGI have declined, but contestants still own double the amount of the #2 most widely held, Revlon.
Revlon: 2,047,822,452 shares held, up from Monday.
Conexant: 1,567,473,674 shares held, up from Monday.
Crystallex International: 1,382,998,213 shares held, down from Monday.
Sirius: 1,362,537,990 shares held, up from Monday.
Vonage: 936,098,654 shares held, down from Monday.

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