Which companies that you deal with have the best customer service? Why?

Thousands of people make their way through different stores, while taking in the annual Boxing Day sales on Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2006 at a mall in Toronto. (AP PHOTO/Nathan Denette, CP)
Nathan Denette
Thousands of people make their way through different stores, while taking in the annual Boxing Day sales on Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2006 at a mall in Toronto. (AP PHOTO/Nathan Denette, CP)

"Wegmans. The rest of the country should use Rochester, New York, based supermarket king Wegman's as an example of excellent customer service, employee, and community care. As a supermarket, their employees know where everything is and all of them are always eager to help. As an employer, Wegman's help put me through college and gives its employees a very good health care plan. Wegman's also donates millions back to the Rochester community, a class act I wish other companies in the area would follow. There's a reason it's always on the top three list of best places to work! Look it up!" -- John H., New York

"Lowe’s Companies, Inc. has some of the most outstanding customer service representatives of any retail operation I have ever encountered. You can generally ask anyone in a store where an item is located and they can tell you what aisle, what side of the aisle, how far down the aisle, and what shelf. After that, they will take you to it. I’ve been in some retailers where if you ask four different people, you will get four different answers. One example of superior customer that I experienced occurred at a store in NC. I was waiting in a line to checkout that was maybe three or four people deep. The head cashier pointed out another open register and I moved towards that register. Before I could get there, another customer with a buggy pulled up to the register. I got in line behind them. No problem. The head cashier apologized and opened up a closed register, checked me out and closed the register back down against my instance that I was fine. She didn’t have to do that. She went above and beyond the call of duty to do what she felt was right for the customer. I have had a number of excellent experiences at a number of their stores but that one stands out to me as a perfect example of top notch customer service. Lowe’s not only preaches customer service, they truly live it." -- Ben M., Texas

"Wachovia. The customer service people are local, accessible by phone or in person without the annoying phone trees, speak English, have the ability and authority to fix a problem, and are willing to so so." -- Ruth H.

"Jet Blue. Last year, we were delayed for 4 hours in Puerto Rico because of mechanical problems. Their reps provided each of the passengers with $20 food vouchers and on our return we received an email that Jet Blue was providing a voucher for the cost of the delayed flight. When a flight we had already booked went on sale, Jet Blue refunded the difference." -- Jack K., NY

"I grew up with Sears catalogs and STILL find them to stand behind their products. It is a pleasure to deal with them because they make problems with ANY purchase "OK." You KNOW they will BE there, when other retailers 'disappear,' especially in the appliance area! I am a SEARS fan!!!" -- Leah S., Colorado

"Amazon.com. Shopping at Amazon, any product I want to buy is a simple search away. When I go to any retail store, a question about the location of a product I want is usually responded to with a blank stare or a reply of, 'Let me find someone who knows.' At Amazon, if I want to know more about a product, there are customer reviews easily found and technical specs readily available. At retail stores, again I receive a blank stare. I'll put up with the wait for my product if it means I can get more information about what I want, and if it means I can find it easier." -- Jim A., California

"The company I like the BEST is COSTCO, they take care of their employees. You may start low but with good work and attendance you will move up. At one time that was the American way. Today not so much. Check the CEO's pay of most of these companies - they are not going to be in the bread line anytime soon." -- Mick H., Washington

"Costco. Costco management has made a calculated business decision to provide their employees with a fair wage and adequate healthcare benefits as part of their long term corporate strategy. Of course, this decision has disappointed the overpaid analysts on Wall Street ... but, this strategy has generated loyalty among Costco employees who in turn have provided excellent service to Costco customers."-- Keith, New York

"Your typical "would be' consumer for these competitors does a considerable amount of research prior to darkening the door of either retailer (Best Buy/Circuit City). Therefore, the consumer is simply making the trip to the closest and best priced retailer to 'kick the tire' and proceed to purchase. This process requires sufficient inventory management, attentive (not expert) floor presence, and competitive pricing. These features are sufficiently available at Bust Buy. Circuit City made a good decision by redirecting their floor presence concept of to well managed and polite employees, not technology experts. Now we will just see if they made it soon enough." -- Scott F., Texas