NBC Nightly News #1 And ABC's Of Convergence

NBC Nightly Back On Top!

NBC News
NBC News

This week NBC's "Nightly News" regained the top spot from ABC's "World' News". Our sister network's program drawing 8.1 million viewers, two hundred thousand more than ABC. While CBS drew only 6.2 million viewers. In terms of the rest of the evenings ratings, it appears that contests capture viewers hearts. Five of the top 10 highest rated shows were Fox's Idol, ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and CBS' airing of the NCAA final Four game in which Florida beat UCLA, making it to the finals. It was that key game that helped CBS grab the top spot in total weekly ratings, despite the fact that Fox usually dominates during Idol season. But, Fox still did rule the week with the crucial 18-34 year-old demographic.

Digital Media Convergence ABCs
Merrill Lynch just issued a report about the future of Digital Media Convergence- an introduction. A=Access as global access to the internet is spreading globally. There are more devices in consumers hands that provide more access. (And I'd add that one other element of access is that people expect all access all the time, whether or not they pay for it...). B=Broadband. Cable companies are winning as customers buy bundled services, video, Voice over IP phone services (VOIP) and Internet. And the telcos are looking to catch up by bolstering their fiber networks. And C is for Cookie, um, I mean Content. User Generated videos and official professionally-generated content is driving traffic. And as the ability to download even more stuff, like video games and comic books, increases, that'll mean the need for even more broadband access -- which leads you back to be for broadband.

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