It's Time for the Lightning Round!

DTE Energy : "If you're gong to go that route, I'd rather see you do ConEd … I want more growth in that stock." Cramer says DTE is too conservative a stock for a young person to own.

WellPoint : Cramer wishes he bought WellPoint instead of UnitedHealth . He says the company is best of breed. "I would buy, buy, buy, WellPoint."

MedImmune : In another time, Cramer would have called MEDI's management a bunch of idiots, but now that he's a statesman on par with Thomas Jefferson, he'll just say they're misguided. He believes the company should be sold to someone who can do a better job. "MedImmune's not doing as well as it should. I like Celgene , I like Gilead , and I like Genzyme much more."

Eli Lilly : "This is a tough, tough, tough call … the problem with Eli Lilly, and this is the problem I see with much of Big Pharma, it does not have the growth I want." Cramer says he cannot recommend this stock.

Marshall & Ilsley : Cramer likes the company and says it is very forward-thinking. "That's a good stock."

Dendreon : "That is a very speculative stock. It is not for those who want to buy it as a drug company. It is really, really speculative, which is why I have not gone out with it on my show."

Starwood Hotels : "The rumor is that they're going to be for sale. If the stock can go to $90, and if it's for sale, it's just as good as Four Seasons. I want to own Starwood…"

Jim's charitable trust owns UnitedHealth.

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