Pfizer Passes Over Important Information

So it was the second night of Passover and I was driving to a seder in New Jersey Tuesday evening when I get the call. My producer, Ruth, said she'd just heard at approximately 6 p.m. ET from a Pfizer spokesman who told her that a front page article in "USA Today" (which had been on newsstands and on the web since early that morning) contained an error: Pfizer was not "sending" doctors CDs about Lipitor, it was "providing" the physicians with the CDs. Oy!

You see, I had just recorded the audio track for a story on NBC's "Today Show" using the word "sending". Slam on the brakes, get off the New Jersey Turnpike, turn around, go back through the Lincoln Tunnel and back to 30 Rock to retrack the line using the word "giving" instead of "sending". By the time I get out of there it's nearly 8 o'clock. Too late to make that seder. Jewish guilt sets in. But the journalism gods are pleased.

"Sending" warm regards to Pfizer (which, I suspect, will not like the tone of this blog entry) this holiday weekend.

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