It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Geron: "No! No! Way too speculative for me ... Why buy a risky stock like Geron when Celgene has got less risk and more reward?"

Level 3 Communications: "I'm reiterating my buy on LVLT. As a matter of fact, I'm doing more than that -- I'm telling you to back up the truck at six smackers."

FuelCell Energy: "You know, I'm not a fan. I've got to give you the bear ... because there is only one alternative energy play that we have endorsed ... First Solar."

Acadia Pharma: Cramer says the secondary offering has already been priced at $15.50, and with that overhang gone, the stock should go higher. But he won't recommend ACAD because he doesn't want Home Gamers late to the action to ruin early investors' potential profits.

Saks: Cramer says he's giving Saks the benefit of the doubt, even though it just lost its chief financial officer. "I would buy the stock."

Inergy: "This is one of those high-yielding ... propane wholesale distribution businesses, which I've got to tell you is a fabulous business and generates a huge amount of cash flow." Cramer recommends this stock for those who don't want to go into Kinder Morgan Energy Partners.

Monster Worldwide: "I was very let down by the Monster numbers ... Monster is down on its luck right now." Cramer's wondering if Monster lost its edge after reporting such a horrible quarter last time around.

American Tower: "How much have I liked the tower industry? Tower industry has been in bull market mode for so long. Longer than this show's been on! I reiterate my buy on American Tower."

Harley-Davidson: "...I am concerned." Don't buy.

Vaalco Energy: "At five bucks, I like it." But Cramer warns that this is an incredibly speculative stock, so be careful. There are plenty of inexpensive oil companies that aren't speculative.

Walgreen : Cramer won't give WAG a buy call until it buys Express Scripts, which would allow it to compete with CVS, which bought Caremark.

Energy Partners: "I'm strictly in sell, sell, sell mode. I'd rather see you in virtually any international oil company, and certainly in Transocean ... or GlobalSantaFe."

Jim's charitable trust owns Express Scripts and Transocean.

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