Are You Diversified?

Cramer says Jim shouldn't have two stocks from the same sector, and JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are both financials. If he had to pick one, he'd stay with Goldman. Rite Aid is a decent speculative play, and NYX has been doing great as well -- it's Cramer's stock of the year. "I want you to discard JPMorgan, and I want I want you to do is buy a healthcare stock. I've been recommending Abbott Labs. I do like very much Express Scripts, and let's not forget, I've been behind Quest Diagnostics for a long time and it's finally starting to move."

"Here is just one dynamite portfolio." Cramer says Tammy's got the number-one tech name in Apple; a great retailer in Sears Holdings; GlobalSantaFe, which he predicts will be acquired; AT&T is so good that Cramer recommended it on the Today show; and Yamana Gold is his favorite gold stock. "That's a completely and utterly diversified portfolio. I bless it."

Cramer says that American Eagle is a high-growth retailer. He expects McDonald's to blow away earnings. Boeing is one of his favorite Dow stocks at $90. Cramer says Exxon is going to $79 - it's the safest in show. And Cramer reiterated his buy on MasterCard just the other day, and he doesn't think the stock is done going up. "Hope came to play and I salute her portfolio."

Gordon's got Cramer's favorite large bank in Bank of America, and Jim's a believer in CEO Sinegal at Costco. Cramer might be alone in this, but he loves Chevron no matter what anyone else says. Altria's on the rise, and BLUD, says Cramer, is a great healthcare stock. This portfolio is definitely diversified, according to Cramer's standards.

Jim's charitable trust owns NYX, RIG, DGX, and SHLD. RAD is his number-two speculative stock of the year.