Mad Mail

Dear Jim: What's up with Deere? More corn will be planted this year than any year since 1944. Deere got one downgrade, and the stock got hammered. Have all the farmers already bought their new equipment? I think it's time to back up the truck. What do you think? --Eric

Cramer says: "I agree with you ... if you take a longer-term view, we are in a secular bull market for farming ... Deere will come back."


Dear Jim: You mentioned on the IU show that the bears are scared and the bull market should run for a while. Last year, it was widely reported that one should sell in May and go away until the fall. Do you see the same thing happening again this year, or was that isolated to 2006? --Robert

Cramer says: "Last year was isolated, and the reason why it was isolated is because that's when the Fed decided to take the hike too far." Cramer advocates selling tech throughout February, March, April - you get the point - until late August, when it's time to load up on tech stocks.


Dear Jim: A big transplanted Yankee booyah from Atlanta! My 4-year-old loves your show. On my most recent visit to Japan I was stunned by the degree of market penetration by American consumer brands in Japanese supermarkets. It seems American brands from Gillette razors to Kellogg’s cereals to Kraft cheese are gaining more shelf space every day. Is there a basket of stocks that would be a play on American consumer brands in Japan, or Asia as a whole? --James

Cramer says: "If you believe that there is going to be a resurgence of U.S. brands, I am not going to give you a basket, I am going to give you Coca-Cola, because their business has been bad in Japan. If Coca-Cola turns in Japan, Coke blasts through the $50 level and goes right to $55."


Dr. Cramer: With Comerica Bank hightailing it out of Detroit to Dallas, as a Detroit Tigers fan, it would be an honor to rename Comerica Park to Cramerica Park. Let me know what you think. Go Tigers! --Steve

Cramer says: "Let me tell you something, every time I've ever seen a park named after somebody, you gotta sell that guy. I would prefer to not have a park named after me."


Dear Jim: Best Buy had a better-than-expected report on Wednesday, but the stock went down. Why is that? --Larry

Cramer says that he and he cousin, Jonathan Cramer at Cowen & Co., who also covers Best Buy, were mystified by this, especially because Jim thinks it's best of breed. However, he does think "it has to mark time until Circuit City pulls back. There's a big price war in that group."