It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Megellan Mid : Cramer says that the company has enjoyed a decent run and that it's time for a schnitzel. “Start playing with some of the house's money.”

ViroPharma : “You know, I got hurt so bad by this stock, to tell you the truth, I feel like I shouldn’t really pine on it. It is not best of breed.” Cramer would rather see investors in Celgene, or in Incyte or Nastech Pharmaceutical for speculation.

Opnext : “I’d rather see you in Corning. I’m not kidding. I think it’s got some of the same end markets, and it’s a better play.”

WR Grace & Co. : This stock is up 108% year-over-year, and Cramer doesn’t think it’s done going up.

Quicksilver : If you’re looking for advice on specialty apparel stocks, Cramer says to look elsewhere. He thinks they’re just too dangerous, so he’d recommended staying away from Quicksilver.

Level 3 Communications : Cramer loves this stock. It’s already up about 10% this year, and he says the recent pullback is a chance for Home Gamers to buy more. “You know I think it goes higher.” Cramer also highlighted another stock he likes, Rite Aid . He says CEO Mary Sammons just doesn’t get the respect she deserves.

Best Buy : “Is there a day that this stock doesn’t go down after that great quarter? I gotta tell you, retail's become very tough.” Cramer thinks next week’s options expiration could drop the stock to $45 from its present level of $47 and change, so he’s advising investors to wait to pull the trigger.

Manulife : “Finally, a best in show name!” Cramer’s bullish on this one.

CVRD : “CVRD, RIO, at 40 bucks is still a buy … RIO is going much higher.”

Halliburton : This is one of Cramer’s three favorite value stocks. “It’s not done going up.”

Six Flags : Cramer likes Mark Shapiro, the CEO, and he says the stock is a buy at $6.

Taiwan Semiconductors : “It’s not going to go down a lot because it has a 3% yield, but I am not going to be tricked into recommending a tech stock … I want you to stay away from tech.”

Jim's charitable trust owns HAL.

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