Re-Cap: Leaderboard, Most Active and Bonus Bucks

Here's a re-cap of standings--from the leaderboard, most active, and the day's trivia questions. We'll start there first. The video is from the "Power Lunch" crew. The video is worth $2,000 Bonus Bucks: Today, the Yen hit all time lows against what major currency? And the news question is worth $1,000 Bonus Bucks: Citigroup unveiled a new restructuring plan this morning that will eliminate how many jobs?
Remember, go to the contest home page and click on the Bonus Bucks tab on the left hand navigation to select your answers.

Contest registrations to date: 692,421

Name Portfolio Value
1. Parker Robinson $2,796,103.27
2. James Kraber 2,724,115.40
3. Deborah Taft 2,604,995.45
4. James Kraber 2,567,000.75
5. Ken Guillory 2,523,807.40

Most actives as of the close on 4/10:
Revlon--Displaces CMGI as the #1 Most Active
Crystallex International
Lawson Software
Oilsands Quest
Technical Olympic USA
Electro Scientific makes its first appearance in the actives.

Widely Helds as of the close on 4/10:
CMGI: with 3,763,860,046 shares held, down from Monday.
Revlon: 2,946,115,895 shares held, up over 500K from Monday.
Conexant: 1,894,919,575 shares held, up from Monday.
Sirius: 1,448,362,987 shares held, down from Monday.
Crystallex International: 1,374,978,137 shares held, down from Monday.
Vonage: 1,117,946,224 shares held, down from Monday.

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