"How To Win" Contest Show: Watch And Take Part!

Hey folks. Remember--the contest program "How To Win" returns this Friday night, April 13, 2007 to CNBC-TV. (come on--it's sure to be a lucky day.) So, look for "How To Win" in it's regular time, 7 pm EST on Friday. Tune in to hear the experts and get the tips you need to win a million dollars!

That's this Friday night, 7 PM EST and only on CNBC-TV. Don't miss it!!

AND--are you going to be in the New York City area this Friday night? If so, I'm sure you want to be part of the live studio audience for the contest program "How to Win." It starts at 7 pm EST and it's only on CNBC-TV. Here's how: just call 201-735-4040 or email us at: FREETICKETS@CNBC.com. It's FREE! The show is Friday night, at 7 pm EST and ONLY on CNBC. Just call us at 201-735-4040 or email us at FREETICKETS@CNBC.com to get in on all the action.

If you can't be there in person--email us!! Hear the experts (like guest bloggers Jeff Mishlove, Timothy Sykes and James Altucher) give their top picks and improve your chances of winning. SEND IN YOUR EMAILS NOW--so you can have your questions read on the program. Get specific--no question is too hard, like what stocks should I pick, what sectors should I look at, should I go all in? Send them to millions@cnbc.com.

We want to hear from you. Send your comments to millions@cnbc.com. For specific contest comments dealing with issues like technical questions or registration problems, please contact customercare@support.cnbc.com.