It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Airgas: “Airgas is a company that actually sells gas, which turns out to be an unbelievable business,” Cramer says. “They keep beating the numbers … it's had a couple point pullback … you know what that means: Airgas is a winner here.”

Sonic Solutions: “No, no, no.” If you want to go into digital video, Cramer is recommending DivX and he’s starting to gravitate – even migrate – toward Akamai.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals: “They actually own the hepatitis C franchise,” Cramer says. He thinks there’s a chance they get taken out, but eventually the stock is doing really well and he’ll stick with it.

Healthextras : Cramer likes Express Scripts in this space, but he could get behind Healthextras very easily. This sector, which includes Medco and Cardinal Health as well, is going to do well if we get the slowdown that Cramer is expecting.

Terra Nitrogen: This stock fits right into the fertilizer trade with a fantastic dividend, Cramer says. In fact, it’s such a great idea, he wishes he’d thought of it himself.

M&F Worldwide: While Revlon has been very bad, Cramer says, this Ron Perelman-owned company looks good. Cramer thinks Perelman’s “got the mojo on this one.”

American Ecology: “It’s got a 3% yield. It’s kind of stalled here,” but Cramer likes the waste business, and he doesn’t want to back away. Even though this stock doesn’t seem to be doing anything, he says not to be discouraged.

Harris: “Harris is the ultimate high-definition play.” Cramer says it’s good as a low-multiple tech stock, and he’d stay long Harris.

New York Stock Exchange: Cramer’s stock of the year has just become a punching bag as of late. While it has pulled back, Cramer isn’t perturbed. “The numbers are still not high enough,” he says, and there are still 13 analysts that are negative or neutral. But he thinks the numbers are understated, and the stock is ready to be recharged.

CMGI: “Can we please wait to let that stock go under $2 to pull the trigger?”

Wheeling-Pittsburgh: Cramer recommended this stock back on the show two years ago, and it’s still sitting here while every other steel company goes up. He still likes it, but he’s recommending Reliance Steel and Nucor.

Jim's charitable trust owns Express Scripts and New York Stock Exchange.