Are You Diversified?

With ININ as a speculative play and BP as a very good dividend-yielding petroleum company, we like it, Cramer says. FedEx is also a very good company, but he can’t bless the Altria and Kraft combo. For a while now, Cramer has been recommending that MO holders sell the Kraft shares after the spinoff. In this case, he would pick up a financial in Kraft’s place and then Kelly will be “perfectly diversified.”

Compuware has always been a second-rate tech company, Cramer says. In addition to that, Syntax-Brillian and AU Optronics are also tech companies and that makes three of a kind. Furthermore, AUO and BRLC actually do the exact same thing, he says. He would ring the register on AUO and give Syntax the benefit of the doubt. Freeport is one of Cramer’s favorite mineral companies, and he would keep it, as well as Jones Soda for a speculative pick. But in order to be diversified, Brad needs to buy a healthcare stock, financial stock and maybe even a little defense, Cramer says.

“This one is tough,” Cramer says. Randall has three, maybe even four, energy companies, which is way too undiversified. He would sell TXU, keep Conoco because it’s cheap, and throw back Piedmont and Pinnacle West and pick up a “plain vanilla manufacturer” in one of their places.

Jim's charitable trust owns Altria.