Stocks That Analysts Are Sweet On

In this new feature we tell you about some of The Street’s most loved stocks. Find out if our guys are equally fond of the trade.

Wednesday’s “Streetheart” stock is Barr Pharmaceuticals (BRL). The street likes it -- nine buys, three holds, and no sells. William Sawyer of Leerink Swann & Co writes Barr is “A compelling idea in the generic space,” citing its "eclectic generic product pipeline (and) top-notch management team"

The man at the helm of the team, Barr Pharmaceuticals Chief Executive Bruce Downey, joins the guys for this conversation.

Dylan Ratigan explains the stock is down 22% over the past 12 months.

Mr. Downey replies the entire sector is down in the same period.

Dylan asks if his company has seen any added benefit with Democrats in control of Congress. (The belief is they would favor generic drug makers such as Barr.)

There’s a surge in generic biologic legislation, says Mr. Downey. That would make it possible to introduce new generics such as generic insulin.

Dylan asks about the overall market for insulin.

It’s a $2 to $3 billion dollar market, explains Mr. Downey, in the U.S. If the legislation goes forward there’s the potential for Barr to capture $500 million of that. (That’s assuming they go after the generic insulin market, at all.)

Tim Strazzini says he’s been in and out of this stock. He asks about the oral contraceptive market, which Barr dominates.

Mr. Downey says Barr makes over 20 oral contraceptives and the breadth of products is the companies biggest advantage in the space.

Dylan asks about the company’s biggest obstacles this year – to which Mr. Downey replies he has 3 big patent challenges coming to fruition. If the ruling favors Barr he says there will be upside for the company.

After the interview Eric Bolling says he would not buy BRL.

Guy Adami adds he’d rather own Mylan Labs (MYL).

Tim Strazzini says he’d own BRL over any of company in the space because it has a better valuation.

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Trader disclosure:
On APR 11 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders. Bolling Owns Gold,Silver; Strazzini Owns (WMT)