It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Mattel: “I feel that Mattel goes higher.” Cramer isn’t against schnitzeling a little bit here, but he wants to stick with the stock.

CVS : Caremark buy was a great move. Cramer says the stock is best in show. “I’m not backing away from CVS. If anything – if it’s down a dollar – I’m pulling the trigger.”

Rochester Medical : This is a good baby-boomer play. “I say stick with it. Do not can it until you get to 30 smackers.”

Color Kinetics : “I think that Color Kinetics is best in show of the lighting group. That’s what you want to be in.”

Scotiabank : “Bank of Nova Scotia is the best-run bank in Canada. The Canadian papers doubted me when I said pull the trigger, but we’re up nicely, about 10% – and I am still a buyer.”

Medco Health : “Medco down four buck from the high is so fantastic.” Cramer says the Medco is a great, consistent business of cutting back pharmacy costs. He’s bullish on this one.

U.S. Gold : “No, we’re not going to go to Nevada and find a lot of gold anymore. We’re going to go to Latin America…we’re going to go to Yamana Gold – still after a double. I am still recommending AUY. That’s the best in show.”

J2 Global Comm : “This has been a very hard stock for me to get a line on.” Cramer can never find a reason to buy, but that doesn’t stop the stock from going higher. He’s still sticking with his “don’t buy” call, though.

Mannatech : This is a good business, Cramer says, but he’s gotten burned in the sector before. He’s going to have to give it a “don’t buy.”

International Securities Exchange : “Every one of these [exchanges] is a takeover target.” ISE is an equity options exchange, and Cramer has been behind all exchanges for a while now. He’s also a fan of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which is down 40% from its high.

Smith & Wesson : Cramer downgraded this stock at $13. It then pulled in but he never pulled the trigger. Now it's at $14, but he's still going to have to give it a "don't buy" for now.

Intuitive Surgical : Cramer thinks ISRG could go up another 30-40 points. He’s sticking with it.