Leaderboard: Top Two Stay The Same- RIM Cuts Profit

Good morning. Parker Robinson and James Kraber remain the dynamic duo at the top of the leaderboard. Parker's portfolio value stands at $2,823,511.09 down $8,592.18 or -0.30% from Wednesday's total with his biggest dollar loss on RIM costing him $6,324.16.

Parker sold out of all his purchases from Wednesday, in all cased but one, at a loss:
-3,523 shares of Ruby Tuesday which fell 1.95% Thursday. (see note below)
-1,643 shares of MGIC Investment Corp. gained 5.73% Thursday.
-3,043 shares of Genentech fell 1.28% Thursday.
-523 shares of Research In Motion fell 8.16% Thursday.

On Thursday, Parker bought:
-1,000 shares of General Electric hoping for solid earnings before the bell.
-5,000 shares of Canwest Global
-$2,737,681.05 in cash.

And James Kraber maintains the second position with a total portfolio value $2,746,872.16 down $32,629.78 or -1.17% from Wednesday's total. James lost on his all-in gamble on Genentech which lost him $35,629.78, though he still holds it in his portfolio .James bought 269 shares of Krispy Kreme Thursday.

Contest registrations to date: 786,363.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Parker Robinson $2,823,511.09
2. James Kraber 2,746,872.16
3. Ken Guillory 2,651,090.26
4. James Kraber 2,644,470.38
5. Serge Amelyan 2,553,765.61
6. Deborah Taft 2,527,118.35
7. George Lee 2,512,778.41
8. Chishyan Chang 2,488,179.26
9. Evan Scherer 2,464,289.72
10. Joe Dondero 2,461,124.62
11. Shi Nisman 2,460,344.25
12. Mary Williams 2,445,937.21
13. Zheng Ni 2,413,049.40
14. Emmanuel Nogueira 2,403,398.93
15. Manuel Gliksberg 2,401,046.56
16. Beth Ladd 2,388,098.20
17. William Garrett 2,353,493.73
18. David Gibbons 2,348,659.42
19. Chad Mazeika 2,348,267.52
20. Brian Forse 2,330,320.58

Note: Ruby Tuesday has changed its ticker symbol (from RI to RT). Per the rules, we will run corporate actions, change the symbol and then process the transactions so they will work with the symbol change.

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