Sector Analysis: Diversification Becomes "Mantra"

Folks--here's a sector breakdown from our crack analystical team on what's happening with the stocks you contestants are buying. And there's been a "sea change" for sure. The analyses run through 3/28, found that over 50% of the leaders' trades occurred in retail and technology. But the current analysis--run from 3/29 - 4/10, shows that the contest leaders are now much more diversified with the top group only comprising 8.07%.

From 3/29 - 4/10, the largest amount of transactions happened within the industrial machinery sector. This sector is responsible for 8.07% of the 326 transactions (buys/sells) executed by the current leaders. The leaders are focusing much more on earnings news which spans sectors, vs focusing on volatile groups.

Trades within the industrial machinery group were overwhelming dominated by the Robbins & Myers trade which provided our leaders with a 16.06% gain on strong earnings and increased guidance. Household products, retail, semiconductors, and telecommunications all tie for 2nd place each comprising 6.21% of the leaders' transactions. Some of the stand out companies were:

Household products was dominated by WD40 .

Retail was dominated by Sealy and Finish Line .

Semis were fairly evenly distributed amongst Opnext , Macronix .

Telecom was dominated by trades in Vonage .

Top Industry Groups Trades in the Leaderboard from 3/29 - 4/10:

Sectors #Transactions Percentage
Industrial Machinery 26 8.07%
Household Products 20 6.21%
Retail 20 6.21%
Semiconductors 20 6.21%
Telecommunications 20 6.21%
Software 17 5.28%
Chemicals 14 4.35%
Gold Mining 14 4.35%
Medical Equipment 13 4.04%
Electronic Equipment 12 3.73%
Technology 12 3.73%
Financial 10 3.11%

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