Wanna Bet? Internet Gambling Ban Debated

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said Thursday that he is pushing to lift the ban on online gambling within the next few weeks. Lawrence Walters, attorney specializing in Internet gambling law, and Barrett Duke, board member of the National Coalition against Legalized Gambling, joined “Morning Call” to debate whether the U.S. ban on online gambling should be lifted.

Duke told CNBC’s Mark Haines, “The Internet provides the most predatory and pervasive form of gambling.” Duke believes that the Internet Gambling Act, which was passed into law last October, was passed with overwhelming support and had an immediate positive impact. “Gambling is a devastating activity for those who get addicted,” said Duke.

Walters believes that the Internet gambling ban was a bad idea from the start. “This ban has negative implications on U.S. participation in the global economy,” Walters said. He added, “Prohibition is always wrong. The online gambling ban should be repealed.”