Trumping Adversity & Love in a Can

Trumping Adversity

Comb Over
Comb Over

Someone has made a movie about comb-overs. Not only has someone made a movie about comb-overs, someone found a cable channel willing to air it. This is what happens when you have five million cable channels all needing to fill time. This is why you have 250 channels on your TV, but you only watch 12. In any case, the Sundance Channel is airing "Combover: The Movie," by Denver producer Chris Marino. Yes, there are shots of Donald Trump in it. You can watch the trailer at

Marino says a telling characteristic of guys who have comb-overs is "denial." He says he was assaulted while trying to film men with really, really bad comb-overs -- they were both sensitive AND in denial. In this age of hair transplants, we learn that combing over is "a dying art." Marino spent 16 months putting the production together. SIXTEEN MONTHS! And not only is the Sundance Channel airing it in the U.S., but he claims he has deals to air it on HBO Latin America, Fox Europe, as well as networks in the U.K., Australia, and Israel.

Love in a Can

Making and selling aluminum cans may not sound very rewarding. But then, you haven't met the people at the Aluminum Can Council! The ACC has commissioned a survey which claims guys who tailgate have better success attracting attractive women than guys in bars. To impress the ladies, nearly three in four male tailgaters either have, or have seen, guys "engaged in competitive activities like building can pyramids." Yeah, just trying building a pyramid with bottles... glass sucks, aluminum rocks!

The ACC has also spent money on a website called, which provides you

Can Fan
Can Fan

with "canned excuses" for escaping someone whom you've met at a tailgate party who turns out to be all wrong. Sample excuses:

"It is incredibly bright outside today."

"Ingrown toenails hurt."

"Finally having that grotesque third arm removed."

"Took a chance on expired pork rinds and now I'm paying the piper."

On that note, I'm on the road for the next couple of days. Will check in mid-week. If you see anything hilariously inappropriate in the world of business large or small, email me about it at