Watch Scott Cole Today On at 12 Noon

Hey folks. Weekly winner #5 Scott Cole will be on for our web cast at 12 noon EST TODAY. Be sure and watch. Go to our home pageand launch the video player to see and hear Scott. This is ONLY on Also--here's a breakdown of Scott's trading that put him in as a weekly winner.

The gains in Scott Cole's portfolio were from:
Global Imaging Systems which he bought on Thursday, 3/29 at $19.57, and it fell on Friday, 3/30 to $19.50, but with the Xerox acquisition news, on Monday GISX closed at $28.54 and he sold making $368K or 46% on that trade from Friday's 4p close on 3/30 to Monday's 4p close.
Next he purchased Opnext on 4/2 at $12.96 and sold on 4/3 at $13.15 for a $17K gain or 1.47%.

His next powerhouse trade was with Robbins & Myers which he bought on 4/3 at $38.23 and sold on 4/4 at $44.3 making $189K or 15.9%. Therefore his biggest gain came from his Global Imaging trade, followed by Robbins & Myers.

Additionally, he started the week at sub-million at $792,941.59 which accounted for his 78.7% gain ending the week on Friday, 4/6 with a portfolio value of $1,416,977.24.

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