Mad Mail

Dear Jim: You are awesome! Your show and books have made investing in the market more clear, educational and insightful. I was a lightning round caller March 30 and the question was on ValueClick. Your response was a slam-dunk. About a week later on the show you said that if DoubleClick was acquired by Google or Microsoft for $2 billion, then VCLK would be valued at more than 30% of its current value. On Friday the news came out that Google paid a whopping $3.1 billion for DoubleClick. Can you please explain what that means for VCLK? --John

Cramer says:"Both Valueclick and aQuantive were up very big … I think VCLK is the cheaper of the two now. I think maybe you ring the register on some of the AQNT because you just had a big gain, but I think in the end, they're both going to be acquired."


Dear Jim:
You may want to revisit your position on Harley-Davidson - It's not about the bikes! About 60% of its revenues come from its clothing and accessories business. If the weather ever improves, the "Harley Faithful" and the wannabe's will be out in force getting this year's "leathers." What do you see ahead of its earnings this Thursday? --Mike

Cramer says: "That's just plain wrong. Eighty percent of its business is the motorcycles."


Dear Jim:
I was assigned to perform a financial analysis on Steel Technologies for a graduate MBA course at La Salle. After weeks of homework I pressed the "sell-sell-sell" button on STTX. I hated the stock and most of their ratios were just dreadful. Then, like clockwork, the company was purchased at a 60% premium. I completely missed it! Is there any way I could have seen this coming? --Lou

Cramer says: "The media was so darn negative in September and October of last year about the steel glut that they threw everybody off course. Truth is, this group is going to end up having three or four players. There's still dozens. They will all be acquired except for U.S. Steel , Arcelor Mittal, and maybe POSCO . I'm not kidding, they're all going away except for a couple."

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