It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Starbucks : "I'm concerned still," Cramer says. He isn't in the buy camp but he certainy isn't in the sell camp any longer.

Cepheid : Cramer recommended this a week ago and still likes the stock.

Tribune : "You want to sell that nine ways to Sunday!"

Excel Maritime Carriers : "Whenever I hear about boat carrier stocks, I always send people to the one that is most responsible and best run: General Maritime is the one to swap into."

DYAX : "The stock just ran all the way up to $6, and its now coming back just like Dendreon . I don't want to touch this. Let it come back to $5 and then you can pull the trigger," Cramer says.

Meruelo Maddux Properties : "I don't trust it." …If you want an income producing property, Cramer has been recommending Kinder Morgan Partners .

Houston Wire & Cable Company : This stock is at a 52-week-high, and isn't that expensive, Cramer says. It's a wholesaler of wire and cable, so there's "nothing proprietary there." Cramer would not be a buyer here.

Nastech Pharmaceutical : "We're up nicely and we're not done," he says. "Remember, there's a lot of ways to win: we got obesity, we got autism, we got a cancer treatment ... but Nastech has so many ways to win and to just be up a buck-and-a-half is not enough." That being said, Cramer still recommends sticking with NSTK.