It's Time for the Lightning Round!

First Marblehead : Cramer says this one is a “sell, sell, sell." “I just don’t like the longevity here.”

Amgen : “I think the worst is over,” Cramer says. Johnson & Johnson is making a comeback. Amgen can too.”

GOL Airlines : “At $28 we got a gift … this is the level right here, pull the trigger.”

Optimum : Cramer likes the high bandwidth, he likes the optical networking, but he’s always worried about Cisco coming in. “I’ve liked it, but this group is too hard for me these days.”

Bank of America : I like the yield, I like the buyback, I like the management ... BoA feels real good to me here,” Cramer says. “The stock is no longer at $49, but I think at $51 with a 4.3% yield, you are going to make money.”

Peabody Energy : This stock just went from $38 to $48. “When I think BTU pulls back to $45,” that’s where you do it.

Jones Soda : The stock had overheated, Cramer says, as we’ve seen it triple. And when a stock triples you know people are going to come in and take profits. “I would start buying Jones Soda again, right here down $4. This is one of the great long term stories out there because they have created a brand that is very popular.” Cramer says yes to JSDA right here.

American International Group : Cramer says it seems like Hank Greenberg is constantly selling the stock. “I think if he ever stopped selling the stock it would go right to $75.” Cramer’s staying bullish on AIG.

Flowserve : Cramer likes this stock. “You got three brands in one!”

Rigel Pharmaceuticals : A decent speculative pick, Cramer says, but he would rather recommend Nastech.

Cemex : “Cemex is one well-run company. I’m reiterating that Cemex is fabulous here.”

Lundin Mining : Cramer thinks this one is going to $15. “I want you in LMC.”

Jim's charitable trust owns AIG.

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