New Name Tops Contest But Has "Slim Margin"

Good morning. There's a new name on top of the contest leaderboard. Serge Amelyan makes a big move from 7th place to the top spot ahead of Parker Robinson--but by only $28K. They are both banking on Linear Tech, their only holding, although Parker is only holding 20,000 shares and remains mostly in cash while Serge is all-in with 89,712 shares.

Serge has a total portfolio value of $2,881,552.01 up $291,213.16 from Monday's total with the sale of East West Bancorp which was up 11.13% Tuesday. He also added $3,000 in bonus bucks. Serge is all-in with 89,712 shares of Linear Tech .

Parker stays in the #2 spot with a total portfolio value of $2,853,444.63 up $23,800.00 from Monday's total including $3,000 in bonus bucks. Parker gained $20,800.00 Tuesday with the sale of American Greetings Corp which was up 4.29%. He bought 20,000 shares Tuesday, of Linear Tech.

And Kevin Ghasemian, the previous leader, falls into third place.

Contest registrations to date: 940,255

Name Portfolio Value
1. Serge Amelyan $2,881,552.01
2. Parker Robinson 2,853,444.63
3. Kevin Ghasemian 2,849,626.01
4. Evan Scherer 2,759,957.81
5. Doua Vang 2,703,577.32
6. Ken Guillory 2,681,079.00
7. Domenico Vicario 2,673,426.32
8. Brian Gannon 2,648,462.50
9. George Lee 2,630,541.36
10. Joe Dondero 2,629,781.43
11. Stephen Frankel 2,598,453.17
12. Salvatore Colonna 2,597,644.00
13. Deborah Taft 2,582,655.57
14, Mary Williams 2,566,445.25
15. Shi Nisman 2,549,390.84
16. Kevin Boyd 2,529,470.93
17. Nishant Tomar 2,523,394.94
18. Zheng Ni 2,502,783.10
19. Emmanuel Nogueira 2,482,964.24
20. Jeff Myers 2,480,683.18

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