Celeb Moneymaker Holds Again--Collins Goes Wild!


Champion poker player Chris Moneymaker widens his lead in first place to more than $150K with the sale of Adtran which was up 6.16% Tuesday--as actor Willie Garson lost over $20k on Seagate Technology--which was down 1.73% Tuesday. Ernie Hudson moves out of last place with a gain of $41,119.65 on Technical Olympic USA which was up 9.73% Tuesday--although he lost over $25k with Northgate Minerals which was down 4.28% Tuesday. And actor Stephen Collins decided to take time off from his acting career--to make more buys and sells than everyone on Wall Street (I'm making this last sentence up--but as you will see, it's not that far off!).


#1 Chris Moneymaker: $1,312,824.53 up $79,029.78 +6.41%.
Sold 1 share of Chunghwa Telecom.
Sold 49,370 shares of Adtran.
Sold 1 Share of CMGI Inc.
Bought 34,859 shares of Syntel Inc.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Chris gained $76,029.80 on the sale of Adtran which was up 6.16% Tuesday.


#2 Willie Garson: $1,157,298.18 down $17,323.68 -1.47%.
Sold 52,112 shares of Seagate Technology.
Bought 110,114 shares of InfoUSA Inc.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Willie lost 20,323.68 on the sale of Seagate Technology which was down 1.73% Tuesday.

#3 Jonathan Tucker: $1,145,120.00 up $6,140.00 +0.54%.
No transactions Tuesday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.


#4 Stephen Collins: $ 1,137,936.61 down $500.79 -0.04%.
Sold 1,440 shares American Eagle Outfitters
Sold 1,030 shares of Albermarle
Sold 750 shares of Loews Corp - Carolina Grp
Sold 1,651 shares of Ennis Inc.
Sold 1,543 shares of Emergency Medical Serv Corp
Sold 968 shares of First Marblehead Corp
Sold 205 shares of Goldman Sachs
Sold 690 shares of Holly Corp.
Sold 1,625 shares of Host Hotels & Resorts
Sold 3,132 shares of Kinross Gold
Sold 2,590 share of Mentor Graphics
Sold 580 shares of NRG Energy
Sold 780 shares of NBTY Corp.
Sold 935 shares of Oneok Inc.
Sold 1,050 shares of Odyssey RE Hlds Corp
Sold 410 shares of Percision Castparts Corp
Sold 707 shares of Phillips Van Heusen Corp
Sold 350 shares of American Real Estate Partners
Sold 450 shares of Apple
Sold 490 shares of Volvo
Sold 850 shares of Valero
Sold 503 shares of Zimmer Holdings
Sold 1,101 shares of AT&T
Sold 1,851 shares of RPM International
Sold 685 shares of Ralcorp Holdings
Bought 3,300 shares of Taubman Centers
Bought 3,100 shares of Sunoco Logistics Partners
Bought 5,600 shares of Polycom Inc
Bought 8,300 shares of Interwoven Inc
Bought 6,900 shares of Tempur-Pedic International
Bought 5,800 shares of Total System Services
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks (ONLY BUYS LISTED BELOW FOR STEPHEN)

#5 James Cromwell: $1,131,949.43 down $9,107.06 -0.80%.
No transactions Tuesday.

#6 Johnny Bench: $1,061,065.00 up $6,678.40 +0.63%.
No transactions Tuesday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#7 Judy Gold: $1,046,600.00 down $730.00 -0.07%.
No transactions Tuesday.

#8 Chris Gardner: $ 1,043,550.00 up $2,390.00 +0.23%.
Sold 2,000 Shares of Itron Inc. .
Sold 1,000 Shares of Amgen .

#9 Ernie Hudson: $1,033,914.94 up $15,619.65 +1.53%.
Sold 90,000 shares of Northgate Minerals.
Sold 58,000 shares Technical Olympic USA.
Bought 41,000 shares of Fremont General.
Bought 68,181 shares of Kyrocera.
Ernie added $41,119.65 to his portfolio with Technical Olympic USA which was up 9.73% Tuesday, but lost over $25k with Northgate Minerals which was down 4.28% Tuesday.

#10 Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,020,974.00 down $3,029.00 -0.30%
No transactions Tuesday.

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