The Wall of Shame: Yahoo's Terry Semel

When Cramer criticizes someone, he’s doing it for a reason. If you look at his Wall of Shame, you will see not just what he thinks are the worst CEOs of public companies, but the ones he thinks could cause their stocks to jump the highest if they decided to call it a day. These guys earn their spots because they fail, time and time again, to give the Street what it wants, Cramer says. Today, he’s elevating Yahoo CEO Terry Semel to the number one spot on the Wall of Shame. Semel is a master in the art of “over promise, under deliver,” Cramer says. How the Yahoo Board of Directors has continued to let Semel repeatedly raise the bar really high and then implode just astounds Cramer. He’s telling Cramericans to avoid the companies whose toxic CEOs are on the Wall of Shame until these guys are ready to hit the road.

Jim's charitable trust owns Yahoo.

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