It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Northgate Minerals : “I once slammed this company and we had the CEO on and I had to totally revise my thinking. This is a good company,” Cramer says. He loves gold and copper company but he’s been recommending to Yamana Gold and Lundin Mining as a combination to get that play.

Intel : “I can’t find a reason to buy the stock … I have to encourage you to scale back over time. It’s not expensive, it has a lot of cash, but there’s just nothing happening there.”

Genco Shipping : “You've got a good one. I salute you and keep the pressure on,” Cramer says. “Keep buying these stocks with good dividends that are cheap. That's the right thing to do.”

Northern Orion : This company isn’t as good as LMC or AUY, Cramer says. “Let’s just stick with the winners.”

Metlife : Prudential and Manulife , along with Metlife, are Cramer’s picks in this sector.

eBay : Cramer feels strongly that we’re in the first inning of a major turn in eBay. He’s predicting the stock goes higher, especially after today’s earnings.

Toyota : “I’d pull the trigger.” Cramer thinks Toyota will go higher because it just had a trend reversal, and the Japanese love trend reversals. “I think that stock sees $125 by Friday.”

Washington Mutual : “The shorts are being killed…they thought this was going to be a train wreck and they were wrong.” WaMu is doing better than anyone thought, Cramer says, and he thinks the dividend is not only safe, but could go up.

Ameren : “Why is Ameren still independent?” Cramer asks. “It should have been taken over by now. This is a really good, high quality Illinois utility co with a 5% yield that can grow. That stock works big for me."

Brocade : Cramer thinks this stock works its way over time to $12. “Tech is really very funky but watch EMC - it went from $10 to $15. I think Brocade will do the same. I’m staying bullish.”

Uranerz Energy : Ring the register. Cramer has been recommending Energy Metals as a better speculative play. “Remember, a lot of uranium companies are going to be actually phosphate companies. We’ve been recommending Mosaic at $30, I think that’s a better buy.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Toyota.

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