Should the U.S. be tougher on trade with China?

China Trade
Reed Saxon
China Trade

“Copyright infringement and the way they manipulate the Yuan are the issues we need to get tough on. They can be a good partner for free and fair trade, but it has to be fair and free across the board at all levels.” -- Ray M., Florida

“YES. China only understands STRENGTH, and they view Americans as weak.” -- Peter M., Virginia

“The U.S. should demand reciprocal trade laws.” -- Carol, Michigan

"Yes, we need to hold China accountable for theft as well as for the trade inbalance. I don’t think the U.S. knows for sure how many billions we are losing due to China’s 'knock offs.'" -- Louise D., Colorado

"NO, interfering with trade with China will only hurt the poor and the disappearing middle class here in the states, the US needs to focus on alternative energy and socialized medicine and narrowing the wealth gap." -- B.H., Iowa

"We the people of the United States, better start taking a little better look a Chinas imports. We should stiffen the laws, and we should have everything inspected when it comes into this country. There is a lot of dangerous junk coming in. Cheap is not always better. We are supporting there army, and some day we may regret that we let all the imports in." -- Stephen L.

"The US should be tougher on trade with China as well as all foreign countries in an effort to support the people and businesses within the USA. Concentrate on strengthening the US economy by clearing up all the messes. There's a lot to be done: prioritize." -- Carita K.

"Typical anti-capitalist pursuance on the part of the Democratic Party as it strikes again! Bad for business. Bad for our way of life." -- Ken W., Florida

"Yes, we should be a lot tougher on trade with China. What about our own people and our jobs? We are giving our country away. Where are we going to have any blue collar workers that could make money and be proud? Not everyone is going to go to college. Now we are giving our white collar jobs away. Are we going to become a third world in the name of capitalization? Sad. On a happier note, I love Mark Haines, he seems so human and vulnerable." -- Barbara P., Missouri

"The US has no alternative but to play China’s game -- they are in control. No matter what the US thinks, China is holding all the cards." -- Ian M., Canada

"As China strives to become a full member of the international community, hence the importance of the 2008 to their pride, one should expect them to fully respect and honor international property rights and thus crack down on pirated software, medications, etc. We should avoid turning this into an anti-China trade war though as some wish, as the relationship we have enjoyed in recent years has worked to our advantage as well as theirs -- they buy our debt instruments, we buy their low cost, non-inflationary products." -- John, South Carolina