Chrysler CEO Plans To Grow, Regardless Of Daimler Moves

Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda spoke with CNBC’s Phil Lebeau in an exclusive "Power Lunch" interview. LaSorda said that his priority is to focus on the recovery and transformation plan that is currently in place. Chrysler has eight new launches this year and 20 over the next three years.

“When you’re running a company like this, you have to look to the future and the future’s about product,” said LaSorda. He added, “Regardless of what happens, we still have to make the future decisions for the benefit of the company, and that’s about product profitability.”

When asked about the future of parent DaimlerChrysler, LaSorda said, “all options are still on the table.” Chrysler announced plans Wednesday to build two new plants in Michigan -- and LaSorda said those investments are necessary moves, regardless of Chrysler’s future with Daimler.

“I can’t sit back and wait. We have our governance, we take it to the board of management and we get those decisions approved. We have to move ahead; if you wait in this business, you could lose a major product program,” said LaSorda.