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Good News for the Spa Biz: We Love Manicures More Than Our Own Children


First, Americans started spending more on their pets than their kids. Now we just don't want to be around the children at all! A survey by found that if moms were given an extra hour of free time every day (which would actually be the only hour of free time they'd have), 36% would use it sleeping, 19% would like to get a manicure or massage, and only 6% would spend that extra hour with the kids. Ouch. In fact, more moms would rather spend the extra hour CLEANING UP THE HOUSE than playing with their children.

Restaurant Biz in China Sells Food... Forces You to Eat It

Were you raised like me, threatened with punishment or guilt if you didn't clear your plate? "Think of those poor, hungry kids in India and China." Now those "kids" have grown up and done quite well, thank you very much! In fact, the tables have turned. Some Chinese are being threatened with punishment if they don't eat everything on THEIR plates.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, a third of the waste going into landfills in Hong

Good News for the Spa Biz: We Love Manicures More Than Our Own Children


Kong is restaurant leftovers. Really? You mean, 33% of the stuff mixed in with paper and plastic and yard clippings is leftover dim sum? To solve this horrific waste problem, the Monitor says Hong Kong is in the midst of a composting craze.

But wait! There's more. One restaurant is now charging $.64 per ounce of leftovers. Another charges $1.28 per leftover sushi. Actually, that's something the Cheesecake Factory should do, because you can never eat the entire humungous plate of food they serve there. This way Cheesecake could charge you full price for the food AND make more money fining you for what you don't eat.

The Hong Kong restaurants charging for leftovers now find "their food costs have lowered; people don't want so much." Excuse me, doesn't that also cut into profits? Am I missing something here?