Top Name Breaks $3M Mark In Challenge!

Good morning all. Serge Amelyan maintains his lead for the second day running, and Parker Robinson holds 2nd place--as both gain substantially with the top trade of the day on Linear Technology. It was was up 12.20% Wednesday on strong earnings.

AND Serge is the first contestant to break the $3M mark with a total portfolio value of $3,236,223.05 up $351,671.04 from Tuesday's total on the sale of Linear Technology.

Serge is all-in on 304,156 shares of Evergreen Solar which was down almost 11% Wednesday when it warned that its 2nd-quarter loss would likely widen, and it was downgraded…Serge is hoping to catch it on a bounce.

Parker maintains the #2 spot with a total portfolio value of $2,934,844.63 up $78,400 from Tuesday's total on his sale of Linear Technology. Parker's approach is more conservative than Serge's, not going all-in and maintaining almost $2M in cash. Parker bought 43,000 shares of Cubist Pharma at $23.18 which swung to a profit in the first-quarter due to a big jump in revenue for its leading drug, Cubicin which treats bacterial infections of the skin.

FYI--CBST was up in extended hours and could boost Parker back into the lead if Serge's bet on Evergreen Solar doesn't work out.

Contest registrations to date: 978,302

Name Portfolio Value
1. Serge Amelyan $3,236,223.05
2. Parker Robinson 2,934,844.63
3. Stephen Frankel 2,918,573.33
4. Kevin H. Ghasemian 2,850,626.01
5. Evan Scherer 2,815,896.52
6. Joe Dondero 2,792,162.07
7. Domenico Vicario 2,676,376.32
8. Jeff Myers 2,668,883.18
9. Salvatore Colonna 2,657,787.58
10. Doua Vang 2,650,487.32
11. Brian Gannon 2,643,436.86
12. NIshant Tomar 2,624,891.66
13. Shi Nisman 2,611,417.43
14. Deborah Taft 2,607,165.57
15. Ken Guillory 2,580,078.93
16. Kevin Boyd 2,559,905.43
17. Mary Williams 2,534,048.21
18. Vitaliy Khizder 2,512,259.27
Mark Dallas 2,472,500.57
20. Shaun McDonnell 2,466,255.22

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