Celebs: Moneymaker Still #1 But Tucker Moves Up


It was a volatile day for the celebs. Champion poker player Chris Moneymaker holds onto the first spot despite his $90K loss on Syntel but actor Jonathan Tucker takes over the #2 spot. Meanwhile, Willie Garson falls into 4th, allowing Stephen Collins to gain 3rd place. Johnny Bench falls from 6th to 8th. One of the stocks for Chris M.,CBST, is also a favorite of Parker Robinson in our non-celeb trading. Both are "banking" on it paying off.

#1 Chris Moneymaker: $1,225,191.03 down $87,633.50 -6.68%.
Sold 34,859 shares of Syntel Inc at a $90,633.40 loss.
Bought 52,855 Shares of Cubist Pharmaceuticals
CBST was up in extended hours on strong earnings, and could lengthen Moneymaker's lead
Added $3,000 in bonus bucks.

#2 Jonathan Tucker: $1,149,690.00 up $4,570.00 +0.40%.
Bought 4,000 shares of Washington Group International .
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks
Jonathan's portfolio was up on gains in Motorola , up 1.5% today despite a first-quarter loss, sales surpassed expectations.
He also owns Starwood Hotel's which could help him solidify his 2nd place position.

#3 Stephen Collins: $1,148,450.33 up $10,513.72 +0.92%.
Bought 3,180 shares of Global Sources Limited .
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Stephen had gains with Interwoven Inc which was up 3.9% Wednesday and Tempur-Pedic International which was up 2.49% Wednesday.

#4 Willie Garson: $1,144,882.22 down $12,415.96 -1.07%
Sold 110,114 shares of InfoUSA Inc at a loss of $15,415.96 on its 1.33% decline
Bought 26,174 shares of Continental Airlines which could send him back up the list if it performs well on Thursday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#5 James Cromwell: $1,102,865.05 down $29,084.38 -2.57%.
No transactions Wednesday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
James' biggest loss was with Evergreen Solar which was down 10.59% Wednesday.

#6 Chris Gardner: $1,048,750.00 up $5,200.00 +0.50%.
No transactions Wednesday.
Chris gained with Freddie Mac which was up 2.86% Wednesday.

#7 Judy Gold: $1,043,250.00 down $3,350.00 -0.32%.
No transactions Wednesday.

#8 Johnny Bench: $1,040,610.66 down $20,454.34 -1.93% fell from 6th to 8th.
Johnny's losses were due to American Oriental Bioengineering's 2.61% decline, and CKX's decline of 1.90%
No transactions Wednesday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#9 Ernie Hudson: $1,027,707.76 down $6,207.18 -0.60%.
Sold 61,181 shares of Crystallex International at a loss of $2,045.43
Bought 59,936 shares of Technical Olympic USA .
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Ernie also lost on his Fremont General holding that fell 2.31%. Wednesday.

#10 Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,020,776.00 down $198.00 -0.02%.
Sold 1,500 shares of Amgen .
Sold 3 shares of Berkshire Hathaway .
Sold 2,000 shares of Quest Diagnostics .
Sold 200 shares of Google .

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