Minor League Logo Awards Revisited & More


I expected to get a lot of email from you guys, protesting that I somehow overlooked an awesome logo. Well, guess what, I got a lot of mail.

I received several votes for the Lake Elsinore Storm, which I admit was in my top 10, but had to be pared down.

Two employees of the Savannah Sand Gnats wrote me, including their box office manager Beth Mills: "It is much cooler and fierce looking that the

Greensboro Grasshopper." Beth, I agree.

Eric Young, a great reporter from the San Francisco Business Times, thought the San Diego Surf Dawgs of the Golden Baseball League deserved a nod.

And I have to admit I've never seen the Connecticut


Defenders logo before, but Al Gruwell was right with that one.

Today's Minor League Promotion:

The Hagerstown Suns are hosting "Hagerstown McDreamy" night tonight -- in honor of the TV show "Grey’s Anatomy" and Patrick Dempsey’s character. During the game, five contestants will compete in three categories -- a "Scrubs" fashion parade, a medical spelling bee and a McDreamiest hair contest. Local nurses are judging and the winner will win a comb, mirror, box of Band-Aids and a team prize pack.

Sellout Mavens:

The Dayton Dragons, the Single-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, will sell out its 502nd game tonight. The team has played in front of sellout crowds since they day they opened on April 27, 2000. Their park, Fifth Third Field, has 7,230 permanent seats and allows for an overflow of more than 1,000 fans. The Dragons say this is the longest active sellout streak in professional sports history. They have a ways to go beat the Bulls (610 games), the Celtics (662 games) and the Portland Trail Blazers (814 games). I'm sure it helps that the Dragons have started their season 9-0.

On Urlacher's Vitaminwater Fine:
Got a good email from reader Jake Conte on this topic and thought I’d share it with you:
"I have no recollection at all of Urlacher wearing the Vitaminwater hat during the media session, which is exactly what the actual sponsors of the NFL would love. However, news of the huge fine has been splashed all over a number of Web sites, newspapers and mentioned on SportsCenter. I don't live in Chicago, but I can only imagine that this incident made the local nightly news during their sports segment. I have to assume that all of this attention is worth significantly more than the $100,000 that the NFL fined Urlacher. If I'm Gatorade I would be furious at how this played out and would want the NFL to deal with situations like these in a different manner.”

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