No.1 - Googling For Dollars

Google (GOOG) shares moved higher after hours, on the news its revenue climbed 69% last quarter. Although the internet company is pummeling rivals Yahoo (YHOO) and Microsoft (MSFT) its stock price is still south of a record. Can Google break out to a new high?

OptionMonster Pete Najarian fills in for Tim Strazzini. CNBC Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman joins the guys to help answer that question.

Jim says GOOG beat all their numbers and he doesn’t see any reason why the stock shouldn’t reach a new high except that their PE is already very high.

Eric Bolling just loves GOOG – and tells investors not to underestimate the company’s DoubleClick deal.

Guy Adami says GOOG has become a technical trade and he likes the stock.

Jeff Macke warns investors that GOOG faces lawsuits on every front. He says it’s a mistake for a young company to take on so many fights.

He adds that at the top of their game Microsoft took on the Dept. of Justice and the stock has gone nowhere since.

Eric Bolling bristles. He thinks GOOG has a brilliant business plan, and tells investors to own it now. Eric counsels investors that if something goes wrong with a lawsuit, they’ll know and they can get out.

Pete Najairan disagrees and tells Eric this is the kind of stock that can drop very suddenly.

Eric says the business is expanding and GOOG is owning the space.

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