Serge Holds Top Spot But New Number 2!

Good morning. Serge Amelyan continues to hold the top position on the overall leaderboard, while the upset occurs as Parker Robinson falls to third, displaced by Vitaliy Khizder who moves into 2nd. As we said Thursday, Serge is the first contestant to break the $3M mark with a total portfolio value of $3,275,721.77 up $39,498.72 from Wednesday's total on the sale of Evergreen Solar , in which Serge caught a bounce with its 1.13% gain Thursday and he got $3K in Bonus Bucks.

But Serge is now playing it more conservative, diversifying his purchases among 6 stocks:
-10,000 shares of Amcol International.
-1 share of Applied Micro Circuits.
-3,863 shares of First Solar.
-3,000 shares of Google.
-2 shares of Informatica.
-15,000 shares of Mohawk Industries.

Vitaliy takes second place with a portfolio value of $2,988,722.75. His largest money gain was on his Labor Ready trade. He bought 138,036 shares at $18.20 on 4/18 and sold on 4/19 at $21.63 for a $473,463.48 gain or 18.85%. He is now all-in on Thornburg Mortgage at $26.87 per share.

Parker Robinson fell into 3rd place on his Cubist Pharma trade, with a portfolio value of $2,863,454.63. Parker and celeb player (Trading With The Stars) Chris Moneymaker both lost on Cubist Pharma which fell 7.46% Thursday costing Parker $74,390. Parker bought 30,000 shares of AMCOL International.

Contest registrations to date: 1,104,725.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Serge Amelyan $3,275,721.77
2. Vitaliy Khizder 2,988,722.75
3. Parker Robinson 2,863,454.63
4. Kevin Ghasemian, 2,853,626.01
5. Joe Dondero 2,814,825.00
6. Jeff Myers, 2,808,850.54
7. Shi Nisman 2,731,106.18
8. Domenico Vicario 2,696,281.92
9. Brian Gannon 2,682,529.61
10. Deborah Taft 2,674,563.77
11. Nishant Tomar 2,641,995.47
12. Kevin Boyd 2,617,151.58
13. Steve Poitras 2,616,178.15
14. Salvatore Colonna 2,609,546.62
15. Evan Scherer 2,601,449.23
16. Doua Vang 2,555,414.40
17. Dione Leidholt 2,553,354.74
18. William Garrett 2,531,534.58
19 Chishyan Chang 2,504,598.59
20. Shaun McDonnell 2,501,797.81

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