Celeb Gold "Cries Out" For Stock Picks


Celeb comedienne Judy Gold needs help--she's in 7th place, down from 6th after once being in 2nd! (she prefers to remember that day). So, Judy made a visit to The Solaris Group and talked with managing partner Tim Ghriskey. (the firm may never be the same again). It seems she tried a new strategy--shedding tears in order to get the right picks. Here's the video of her day at Solaris. CNBC's Melissa Lee does the introductions.

FYI--Tim said in a contest like this, now is the time to find something that's down in price and volume and sell of the big gainers. Sell high, buy low. He recommended copper and steel as possible buys. Judy still can't get the idea of buying China--to mean more than stocking up her dinner ware.

#7 Judy Gold: $1,029,070.00 down $14,180.00 -1.36%.
No transactions Thursday. Judy's biggest loser was Silver Standard Resources which was down 4.43% Thursday.

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