It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Clean Harbors : "I want you to hold on to Clean Harbors. But I don't want you to think it's going to be an immediate turn because it probably won't be."

PG& E : "...I'd like you to get a little more speculative." Cramer recommends Dynegy for a little more risk, which could equal more reward. He's also a fan of Exelon.

McDonald's : Even if this stock went to $60 - it's at about $48 right now - Cramer says it still wouldn't be expensive. He suggests you stay with it. And if there are Home Gamers that don't own MCD, they might want to back up the truck.

Fastenal : Cramer likes Fastenal, but he says that Sears (charitable trust) is a much better play.

AES : "AES is a terrific stock. At $22, I still find it very cheap." Cramer thinks this is a good buy.

WindStream : WIN is a local long-distance phone company that's in high-growth areas like New Mexico. The stock has a 6% yield. Cramer likes the stock.

GigaMedia : Cramer would back this stock. He thinks it's an interesting speculative play.

Paccar : "I love Paccar!" Cramer's also a fan of Cummins.

Tata Motors : Cramer says that India is done raising interest rates, and there's a good chance that they will start to come down. When that happens in the U.S., Cramer recommends buying auto companies. And since India only has one (Tata), he suggests buying this stock aggressively.

Qualcomm : This is the only semi-conductor company Cramer is currently recommending on Mad Money.

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