Game Plan

Cramer says that the real action doesn’t begin until Tuesday when two of his favorite stocks report. Both are at 52-week highs, and he thinks they could go much, much higher: VF Corp and Parker-Hannifin.

Home Gamers might remember VF Corp. as one of Cramer’s “Benefit of the Doubt” retailers. These are the companies in that sector that you buy when they report a bad number, assuming the CEO in charge has the wherewithal to turn things around. VF is doing well, but Cramer says it’s still being held back by its decision to pare down its lower-margined companies in order to buy others with higher margins. He thinks there's a good chance the report could correct this injustice. As for Parker-Hannifin, this might be the single best play on the strength of Caterpillar , Eaton and Honeywell. They’re all analogues, and that’s how Cramer likes to play it.

On Wednesday, there are a host of great names reporting, but if you don’t focus on just a handful, you’ll never go anywhere. You can’t pay attention to everything, Cramer says. With this in mind, watch Apple and Akamai. Apple is Cramer’s runner-up growth stock of the year, and this is the last quarter before the release of the much-anticipated iPhone. With big product releases like this one, you always want to be in the stock ahead of the last quarter before the launch. Akamai is consistently one of the best-performing companies in the sector. Cramer thinks you should be in it ahead of the quarter.

Boeing, too, is on deck, and Skeedaddy doesn’t want you to get left behind as this stock starts the final leg of its journey to $100. Then there’s Allegheny Tech, Cramer’s stock of the year last year. This is a stainless steel and titanium company. Its capacity is still constrained, Cramer says, and he thinks once again we can expect a big number, courtesy of the fact that you need stainless to ship ethanol. This is a big, multi-year trend.

What about Thursday? Exxon should be great, Cramer says, and Halliburton is so far behind its cohorts he has to believe it will pick up some supporters. Level Three Communications, Cramer’s speculative name for 2007, might tell us some great things about the integration of all its acquisitions, a good sign that things are still strong and potentially a reason for the stock to start its next move up to $7 or $8.

On the very same day, Cramer’s growth stock of the year, New York Stock Exchange, also reports. This is its first quarter with Euronext, and he thinks the numbers will come up. There are still only a couple guys recommending this one, Cramer points out, but it will win converts when people start understanding that NYX is a play on Europe, really a global play, and more than just a dowdy old domestic stock exchange.

Two more things Cramer wants you to look forward to next week, and both are on Friday: Cummins and National Oilwell Varco. Cummins is up nicely from where he recommended it when Mad Money went out to Indiana, but it’s still not done if CAT is any indicator – and CAT’s the perfect indicator. NOV will tell us about the endless demand for oil rigs and the incredibly tight supply, another reason to get in ahead of the quarter, as Cramer predicts this one is going to $90.

Bottom Line: Cramer thinks there's going to be a lot of great action next week, and a lot of great numbers, since his favorites are all set to come out of the woodwork.

Jim's charitable trust owns Caterpillar, Halliburton and New York Stock Exchange.

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