Adding Up Vitaliy's Percentage As Weekly Winner


Hey folks. Here's a bit of an update on Vitaliy Khizder. Some of you were adding up the percentage he gained by the trades listed during the week he won. That wasn't adding up the the 93.25%. So--to be clear, the percentage is based off the % change in the dollar value of his portfolio starting after the close on Friday 4/13 and ending after the close on Friday, 4/20 and that % change calc adds up to the 93.25%:

$3,107,399.87 - $1,605,717.10 = $1,501,682.77

And so, $1,501,682.77 / $1,605,717.10 = .935210 X 100 gets you to 93.52%

The trades below outline the percent change of the stocks he traded, which adds to the dollar value that he ended with as of Friday. They do NOT directly correlate to the total percent gain of his portfolio which is based on the change in total $ value of his portfolio from 4/13 to 4/20.

Vitaliy started the week with a portfolio value of $1,605,717.10 as of the close on Friday, April 13th, and ended the week on Friday, April 20th with a portfolio value of $3,107,399.87 making him 93.52% for the week.

Vitaliy's winning trades were:
Jos. A. Bank Clothiers: gained $280,853.80 +13.89% on Tuesday 4/17.
Champion Enterprises: gained $202,885.74 +8.8% on Wednesday 4/18.
Labor Ready: gained $473,463.48 +18.85% on Thursday 4/19.
Thornburg Mortgage: gained $115,677.12 +3.87% on Friday 4/20.

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