It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Palomar Medical : Even though PMTI has come down a lot, Cramer thinks that Syneron Medical has the best future ahead of it.

Headwaters : Cramer covered a lot of green companies last week, but HW wasn’t one of them. He’d rather see Home Gamers in FuelCell Energy.

Ecolab : “I like Ecolab … but the stock’s had a big run.” Cramer suggests Chemed instead, which is still nine points off its high.

Time Warner : Cramer likes the cable industry on the whole, and TWX is no exception – though he thinks the company would be worth more if it were broken up. Even still, Comcast is his favorite right now.

Plexus :Avnet and Texas Instruments are winners, but Plexus is not, Cramer says.

Novastar Financial : Cramer says this is a tough call. The stock has potential, but there are dangers inherent in owning it. Better do your homework before you make a move.

Gorman Rupp : Cramer likes GRC. He’s bullish on this stock.

Onyx Pharmaceuticals : “I think at $27 it’s still a buy.”

General Dynamics : “How much do I like the defense contractors?” Cramer calls these stocks bulletproof. No matter how much they mess up, they just keep going higher.

Hercules Offshore : Cramer thinks this stock is undervalued, and Home Gamers should back up the truck. This stock’s a buy.

Simcere Pharma : This stock, a China play, is too dangerous for Cramer’s tastes. He’d ring the register and take the gain.

Hornbeck Offshore : Cramer has been upgrading domestic drillers like HOS slowly but surely. He thinks they’ve reached their bottom.

News Corp : “I think News Corp. is inexpensive. I think it is well run. I think I’m going to get fired for saying anything more that’s good.”

Six Flags : Another inexpensive stock. Cramer’s bullish on SIX.

Electronic Arts : “I think you gotta own ERTS. I think it’s a good long-term stock.”

Wells Fargo : Cramer recommends Goldman Sachs over WFC.

Travelzoo : Too risky, Cramer says. “Expedia’s better.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs.