He's Not Just The Commissioner - Dylan Is A Rock Star!


Fast Money’s Dylan Ratigan rocked Webster Hall Tuesday night with one of the hottest bands in the nation; Fountains of Wayne -- and we've got the pictures to prove it.

If you're already a fan of "Stacy's Mom" you won't want to miss "Hey Julie." And no one plays the güiro like Dylan!

Wondering how Dylan and this hot band came together?

Blender magazine came up with the idea -- they asked Fountains of Wayne if they could take about $850 and turn it into fast money. Naturally, they turned to The Commissioner - The rest, as they say, is show biz!

You can find out how the band invested their cash in the June issue of Blender, on stands next month.

Wait there's more! Just like Mick and Bowie, The Commissioner knows that FM radio is the heart and soul of the music business. Following are video clips of Dylan Ratigan and Adam Schlesinger, bassist and songwriter for Fountains of Wayne, as they visit with Rocky Allen, Blain Ensley and the whole gang at New York City's WPLJ radio.

Clip #1 - How did Dylan weasel his way into the band?

Clip #2 - What instruments can Dylan play besides the triangle and cow bell?

Clip #3 - See Dylan in action - well hear him, at least.