Yet Another Name Tops Leaderboard

Good morning all. It's a topsy-truvey world on the leaderboard. Kevin Boyd loses first place, surpassed by Shi Nisman-- up from third place to claim the top spot with a bet on strong earnings. Shi moves into first with a portfolio value of $3,880957.09 up $550,672.44 on his Woodward Governor trade which made him $547,672.44 on its 16.45% gain on solid earnings and increased guidance.

Shi is all-in on 163,456 shares of Corning at $23.73, betting on a strong earnings report Wednesday. Kevin fell to the #2 spot with a total portfolio value of $3,550,042.08 up $75,664.26 from Monday's total. He sold his 40,034 shares of Core Laboratories at a gain of $75,664.26

Kevin is all-in with 96,259 shares of Travelzoo at $36.88 which was down over 5% in extended hours after it reported weak earnings after the bell, if this declining trend continues, it could cause Kevin to lose more ground on the overall leaderboard.

Contest registrations to date: 1,273,430.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Shi Nisman $3,880,957.09
2. Kevin Boyd 3,550,042.08
3. Greyson Masters 3,501,758.27
4. Serge Amelyan 3,342,271.02
5. Eric Shulman 3,036,224.34
6. Brian Forse 3,002,691.04
7. Nishant Tomar 2,974,491.83
8. Kevin H. Ghasemian 2,947,748.25
9. Joe Dondero 2,927,871.19
10. Jeff Myers 2,884,792.78
11. Mark Dallas 2,872,819.69
12. Mary Williams 2,864,945.05
13. Doua Vang 2,782,475.46
14. Michael Hart 2,780,036.25
15. Dione Leidholt 2,776,483.47
16. Shuan McDonnell 2,757,100.21
17. Brian Gannon 2,740,581.55
18. Deborah Taft 2,728,579.24
19. Binh Tran 2,712,325.18
20 David Gibbons 2,705,970.66

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