It's Time for the Lightning Round!

State Street : Cramer thinks the mutual fund business is a great way to play this market rally.

Pozen : Like with Nastech , “there are so many ways to win” with Pozen, Cramer says. “I think they’re in good shape.”

Burger King : Cramer prefers McDonald's in the space, but he could see Burger King stock easily going up to $26 or $27, and still not being that expensive.

Parker-Hannifin : “Do not lose heart … that stock is going to $100.”

Tellabs : Cramer didn’t like what he heard on the conference call. “I thought the stock should have been single digits after that call,” he says. But with the possibility of being a takeover target, he recommends sticking with Tellabs. “I think something good is going to happen.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific : "When you get money as a biotech company, you go buy equipment from Thermo Fisher.” There is more good news ahead for this stock, Cramer says. “$50 goes to $60.”

Simon Property Group : “Let that one come in.” The commercial real estate market has had a great run, but it isn’t where Cramer wants to be right now. “Don’t buy until it goes lower,” he says.

XM Satellite Radio : XM is “darned if you do and darned if you don’t,” Cramer says. If the merger isn’t approved, either XM or Sirius is going to do poorly. He wouldn’t recommend buying XM.

Charter Communications : Cramer recommended Charter at $2.80, and now it’s at $3.25. “I like the stock very much.”