Apple: Should You "Compute" It For The Contest?

Apple might not be on your contest list of stocks to buy or even watch, but it could be. In fact, guest blogger Timothy Sykes had it on his short list of stocks to buy today, though he did say it was his least favorite of the the lot. Why Apple? Well, it's releasing earnings news after the closing bell today, so it could get a boost stock price wise.

CNBC-TV's Jim Goldman reported on Apple today, for a CNBC-TV news report and some guest analysts talked about the company and the stock. The analysts felt that despite the ongoing investigation into CEO Steve Jobs' backdating stock option issue, the price of Apple stock will remain strong--if not get stronger. The company says it has some 1 million people on the waiting list for the iPhone and the company should be reporting the best three months in its history.

Again, the choice is yours. This is not an endorsement of the stock for anyone's personal portfolio--or even your contest picks. It's just some info to have.


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